The benefits and drawbacks of Accepting or Rejecting Counter provides
A DILEMMA: Having taken a determination to go out of your organization for greener pastures, and receive a counter-offer then, places you in a dilemma. The stakes are high and whatever choice you arrive at has its own implications. Your current manager is in an advantageous place, since you continue to be within their employment. They truly are essentially encouraging you to consider withdrawing your acceptance associated with the offer from your own potential company. In a subtle means they are rejecting your resignation. They’ve been hanging a carrot to you.

MESSAGES: This counter offer is delivering different job administration messages to your three parties.

• TO CURRENT EMPLOYER: They have overlooked and underestimated your importance until other industry lovers identified it first and attempted to snatch you away from them. This is happening to staff that the business is rolling out internally.

• TO PROSPECTIVE BOSS: Well done, you …